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From the United Nations of February 7, 2014 the announcement of the 'North Korean Human Rights Report', we study the North Korean human rights issues, in order to act, today activities formed the NGO Modumoija on November 14, 2014 doing.

On January 15, 2015, I defectors of Eiko Kawasaki the beginning 11 people to submit a 'human rights relief petition' to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, up to 93,340 people, 'the North Korean returnees' and the human rights of their families to recover, it has been active boldly for the realization of free movement of their to Japan.

We have been asked to cooperate for the relief with the meantime, inform unfair of the 'return business' to more and more people at home and abroad and the plight of the people who became the sacrifice.

South Korea, the United States, Geneva - participated in an international conference of blanking, etc., including Nagasaki, learning meeting in Tokyo metropolitan area around, we have to expand the various things such as Chongryon before protests with aggressively expand the lectures.

Most of the weakness in our activities was to expand, such as public relations activities in a wide range to take advantage of the IT department, but this time barely ho - Mupe - has led to the stage di opened.

Everyone, from now actively encouragement to public relations that we originate, will be asked to scold, now, please both the walk for the resolution of which is one of the most of the factors that threaten the peace of the global village North Korea problem so thank you.

North Korea problem is if problems of the Far East Asia peace is guaranteed, if it is guaranteed peace in the Far East Asia, is visited by peace in the entire global village! !

For Tomorrow of Korea !!
For Tomorrow of Asia !!
For Tomorrow of World !!

Your cooperation and patronage of everyone, thank you.
I ask for your precious cooperation and valuable advice.

NGO Modumoija representative Eiko Kawasaki

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